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Photos of our side trip to France with the NVBK guys and the officials of the
French Ring organization. It was a big event as it was the annual "Coupe De
France" where the country's top dogs compete for the championships.
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NVBK Training Experience
(Top Photo) Noel Austria and NVBK President Germain
Pauwels with his personal dog V'Rakky.
(Top Photo)  Noel Austria doing the Escort Exercise.
(Left Photo) Tessa Daza receiving
final instructions from Eeklo head
trainer Carlos  (in red -shirt)(Right
Photo) Tessa feeling the bite of a
10-year old retired NVBK dog,
now working as an active police
dog in Ghent. Handler is Police
Officer Willy (in blue jeans).
Photo) Ouch! James Tan felt like he's hit by a boxer's punch on this guard the
object with muzzle exercise. In the Object Guard with muzzle exercise, the
decoy uses a thick vest with layers of foam padding to protect his chest or ribs
from injury.  This dogs are trained to hit hard that it can lift the decoy's two
feet on impact.  
Ghent, Belgium
(Photo) Noel A. doing civil agitation on a 10-year old NVBK dog that was
retired from the ring with a Category 1 title.
Despite being trained for sport all its life, this dog now works as an effective
perimeter guard dog  on this car sales dealership in Ghent.  The said
dealership employs the services of 3 retired NVBK dogs aged 10 to 11. This
are what they termed as "the real dogs". (This dogs weigh approximately 90
to 100 lbs and are as quick as a cat).
our side trip to FRANCE
The event was the annual Grote Prijs De Provincies or
the Annual Grand Prix where the top NVBK dogs in the
different regions of Belgium are competing.  Thanks to
NVBK President Germain Pauwels and the Eeklo Club
for hosting us!