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In the Transfer of Command, the trainer demonstrates what the dog has learned. After which, the owner will
have his/her chance of handling the dog the way the trainer does. The transfer usually takes 3 or more sessions
depending on how fast the owner learns the technique.

This process is necessary to ensure that there is a smooth transition of command from the trainer to the owner.

After a successful transfer of command, it is strongly recommended that the owner review the dog of all the
commands learned.

Basic Commands includes SIT, SIT-STAY,

Customized training includes: teaching the dog
not to accept food from strangers or not to pick
up food from the ground.

Another customized training is to teach the dog
NOT to step beyond the curb, or not to cross
the street.  This is a very important lesson that
may save your dog's life.
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-Basic & Advance
-Behavioral problem
-Customized Training
The trainer demonstrates to the owner what the dog
have learned.
The trainer teaches the owner how to properly handle
the newly trained dog.
The owner tries his hand on handling the dog while the
trainer observes.
"First, we train the dog
one-on-one. Once the dog
learned all the commands,
then we will teach the owner
how to handle".